Working on and creating the visual content and style of our B2B, our online port-of-call for customers, which provides a functional but effective face for customers. Our newly launched B2C extends this to a larger audience of consumers, trades-people and enthusiasts. Email and social media complete our set, email primarily for the trade and social media to connect with customers, to promote new products, services and events, and to work with our brands to make interesting brand stories.

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The go-to location for online customers. Being trade focused it's naturally quite functional and utilitarian, but adding design cues and keeping refreshable parts on brand, contemporary and clean. Working on creating the assets and visual style.

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Adding new functionality and features the website to allows customers easier access to products and services. One such feature is the Groupset Builder, an industry-leading tool that allows bike shops to build custom, customer-specific component orders.

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Newly launched, the B2C serves as the company's much more external-facing brother to the B2B, allowing curious parties, cycling enthusiasts or people in the industry to get an idea of what Fisher do, why and how. Working with a Ukrainian development firm to create a contemporary and considered platform to express the brand. Some design consultancy as well as asset creation and upkeep through Magento CMS.

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Creating regular email campaigns for our various brands, created from scratch with available assets to promote new product, sales, events and news. Using Dotmailer as our builder and mailer.

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Social Media

The seasonality and cyclical nature of the cycling industry allows us to take big events and shows to promote our brands and company. Social media is the biggest consumer facing side of our business, other than the B2C, so getting on board with events such as Le Tour are big.

A Le Tour themed social media takeover, with a bit of fun playing our brands off against each other with the teams they sponsor and the jerseys collected. Updated daily.

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