Homage to the Typewriter Logo Identity

Typeset: Homage to the Typewriter

To pay homage to something lost, forgotten or fading from popularity. From a young age, I’ve had a curious fascination with typewriters; the simplicity and elegance of the tools that helped shape the 20th Century, once ubiquitous, now replaced by their digitalised cousins. Paying fond respects to the typewriter through an exhibition that celebrates the craft it has created, from literally masterpieces to its humble place in the office. Creating a space where they can be celebrated and the branding and collateral to support the show.

Print advertising

Set at the White Cube, Bermondsey. With floor-plan for the exhibiton

Exhibition piece built into an acoustic hall that allows for a chorus of typewriters, harking back to the offices of yesteryear but created in such a way that it creates a choir of clangs, taps and pings.

Integrated app design for the exhibition that gives info, directions and narration through headphones to allow visitors to have a commentary on pieces as they traverse the exhibition

A souvenir-cum-brochure for the exhibition that gives quotes and excerpts of authors and writers feelings and affections towards the typewriter, from some of the literary greats

Typeset on a typewriter and produced into the newspaper-like brochure

Extending the poster campaign to typical exhibition promotion spots

Taking Kerouac's celebrated On the Road and creating it into a guerrilla marketing piece that meanders and navigates towards the exhibition