Escape the Cycle Logo — D&AD National Trust

National Trust Brand Reposition

A D&AD set brief to reposition the National Trust to appeal to a younger, more active audience in an attempt to shake it’s “old ladies having scones in stately homes” image it’s been tarred with—even though membership is rising. Bringing the familiar technology and social media into an old, established British institution to raise awareness and increase familiarity with the Trust.

App design for the initiative, creating an easy way for potential visitors see what’s going on, arrange and plan trips with friends and family as well as get lots of interesting info about the Trust

Supplementing the App with a website, that extends the News and Blog part of the scheme along with profile based social media links to share expeditions and trips with like-minded friends

Billboard advertising aimed at the younger, professional target audience

Social media skins to allow connection and familiarising the brand with target audience