Yarison Ford — Mongol Rally

A 20,000km epic road-trip to Mongolia and back again, all in a car more suited to the pot-holes of a Surrey car-park — all whilst raising money for two incredible charities. The summer of 2016, my friend and I took our little Yaris on an incredible journey, crossing continents and travelling through 24 amazing countries.

While a fantastic trip, we wanted to turn our team into something more and build a micro-brand around it. We used our combined skills in design, marketing and development to create the appropriately named Yarison Ford. Setting out to raise as much money as possible and try some new things.

As well as plastering our car, we created our own merchandise; brewing our own beer, screen-printing T-shirts in the back-garden and even a small run of delicious blackcurrant jam. Alongside a website — my first full Wordpress site from scratch — we even created a fully functioning iPhone App. Our social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, proved very popular and gained us a fair bit of traction.

Yarison Ford Merchandise